Why You Should Choose Bark Place Hotel in Largo, FL





We Provide Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming

Have your dog looking his or her best with pet grooming from Bark Place Hotel & Pet Grooming in Largo, Florida. We are a family business, run by professionals with decades of experience in the “groom-and-boarding” of canines.

What We Do

Our facility provides 24-hour, in-our-home comfort, and safely supervised socialization without the “all-day crating” of a veterinarian facility. Facilities include a renovated, 1920s carriage house and a landscaped tropical yard, both meticulously maintained in a resort-like atmosphere.
Precision hand scissoring and show-quality grooming are available for our guests. Additionally, we offer pickup and delivery services. Special needs, postsurgical, recuperative, or medicated pets are welcome, as all are given individual on-site boarding-supervised 24 hour care.
Close up Cute Yorkshire Grooming - Dog Grooming in Largo, FL

What We Do Not Provide:

  • Dog Runs
  • Individual Suites
  • Chain-Link
  • "Treatment-Room" Boarding
  • Accept Aggressive Dogs
  • Training
  • Behavior Modification